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What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze

Wintertime in Colorado is known for its snowy and crisp weather. If you have active plumbing or septic systems in your home or business, you may want to consider taking measures to keep your plumbing systems from suffering the effects of winter. Frozen pipes can result in the warping of joints in the pipes and eventual cracks in the piping if left unchecked. Our team at Courtesy Plumbing & Heating of Colorado is here to provide you with helpful tips and tricks to prevent future frozen pipes, and economical and efficient repair services if your pipes have already frozen.

What to do if Your Pipes Are Already Frozen

In the event that you pipes have already frozen, our team at Courtesy Plumbing & Heating recommends that you contact a licensed plumber and begin determining where the frozen area is in your plumbing system. In the event that the frozen area is inaccessible, wait for the plumber to determine the location of the freeze and provide a solution. In the event that you can locate the frozen pipe, apply heat to the frozen pipe through an electric heater or hot towels, and apply this heat until the frozen pipe flows freely again.

If Your Pipes Have Yet To Freeze, But Winter Is Coming

In the event that your pipes have not frozen yet, you can take some simple precautions to help prevent frozen pipes during the winter months. Before the cold weather sets in, you can insulate your pipes by placing a synthetic or foam pipe sheath over the exposed piping. If you have outdoor faucets or spigots, place a dome or plastic covering over these features to preserve heat and prevent exterior freezing. Finally, run each of your faucets at a slight drip to release extra pressure that could build up in the event of a pipe freeze.

Courtesy Plumbing & Heating Can Help You Prevent Freezing Pipes

At Courtesy Plumbing & Heating, we understand that plumbing maintenance can be a complex and expensive matter. Our company has more that forty years experience in the plumbing industry and is ready and able to provide solutions to your frozen pipes, or any other matter regarding your plumbing systems.

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