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Douglas County Sewer & Drain Cleaning

It isn’t uncommon for licensed, trained professionals in Castle Rock - like your neighbors at Courtesy Plumbing - to receive panicked or frustrated calls from the owners of businesses and homes about backed up drains or clogs that regularly recur with no apparent explanation. If sewer drains aren’t cleaned regularly and professionally inspected as soon as issues occur, these problems become all too common. Though there are steps you can take to maintain the health of your drains, such as avoiding sending materials down drains that are large or clump easily, drain issues can still happen for a number of reasons. When signs of a main drain blockage appear, our technicians can provide Colorado commercial and residential lines with fast, reasonably priced, and green repair services.

sewer Cleaning Service Douglas County Colorado

Closed-Circuit Televisions (CCTV) Inspection

In order to begin blockage removal in drain lines, we must first perform an inspection to determine the type of clog and its location. We offer this service before and after any repair to ensure the most effective solutions and verify the quality of all services. CCTV inspection involves the insertion of a waterproof, high-quality camera through a drain or other opening, which then sends clear images back to a monitor. Our experts maneuver the camera to inspect the entirety of the drains, determining the extent of the problem and watching for any corrosion, cracks, or other issues that may interfere with the repair. This process also allows us to determine the fragility, size, and material of your pipeline, which are important factors when considering methods of cleaning such as hydro jetting.

Pipe Cleaning Service Douglas County Colorado

Hydro Jetting

The traditional approach to blockage removal is the use of an auger, or plumbing snake, to break up the clog and remove foreign objects; however, your main drain will sometimes experience clogs caused by materials that can’t be permanently removed with an auger, such as tree roots and built up grease or biomatter. When this is the case or when looking for a more thorough method of drain cleaning, Courtesy Plumbing offers Castle Rock, CO the innovative, eco-friendly alternative of hydro jetting.

Just like it sounds, hydro jetting is the use of highly pressurized water flushed through a line to descale pipes and push out foreign matter. This may sound too simple to work, but our certified technicians carefully adjust and monitor the pressure and amount of water to ensure a complete cleaning of the pipeline. Out state-of-the-art multi-directional nozzle can blast water out water at up to 4,000 PSI, effectively cleaning even the most stubborn blockages. This process prevents the return of greasy buildup and removes minerals and chemicals that attach to pipe walls and accelerate the process of corrosion in older buildings. Best of all, it is a “trenchless” technology, meaning it eliminates digging and other property destruction that is traditionally associated with pipeline repair, and completely green, involving neither harsh chemicals nor excess waste.

drain Cleaning Service Douglas County Colorado

Courtesy Plumbing in Douglas County, CO

To learn more about drain cleaning and request an estimate, order an inspection, or schedule emergency services, call Courtesy Plumbing today. With guaranteed speed, professionalism, and quality service, we are sure to become your go-to plumbing and heating company in Douglas County.

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