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Cost of AC repairs in Colorado

Despite the Colorado mountains’ famous ski season, summers in the Denver area can get hot enough to make unreliable air conditioning not only uncomfortable, but occasionally hazardous. To avoid this danger and cultivate the confidence to respond promptly when issues arise, we can prepare by knowing the common costs associated with air conditioning repair and by becoming informed about local, licensed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) repair companies.

Routine AC Inspections in Colorado

AC units can last 10 to 20 years in Denver, CO with proper maintenance; however, small problems, if left untreated, can significantly decrease this or result in issues so large that buying a new unit may seem more cost effective than getting the old one repaired. An inspection and diagnosis usually costs about $75 to $100, which is far less costly than a major repair. Early Detection Equals Savings

If the initial inspection finds a relatively small issue, the final cost can be as low as $150. That said, something minor, like a barely-noticeable water leak, can have major consequences if left untreated. Air conditioning units have delicate wiring and electrical pieces that can be damaged by water, frost, and other issues that homeowners tend to leave untreated, which result in a dramatically inflated price when they need to be replaced – upwards of $600 to $900.

Get Your Air Conditioner Checked at the First Sign of Trouble

Rising housing costs in the Denver metro area are forcing many to take creative measures to survive, like the recent increase in buying and improving older homes rather than investing in move-in ready housing. In the face of these expenses and rather than risk the unforeseen occurrence of the costs discussed above, the best way to respond to an AC unit that starts making strange noises or fails to maintain the correct temperature is to contact a professional before it can get worse. You can also minimize risk by changing your air filter regularly and having your HVAC system cleaned and inspected each year before harsh weather hits.

Call Courtesy Today

It’s important to do your homework and choose an HVAC repair company that is licensed, insured, and provides verified professional services. Look at reviews and certifications, ask for recommendations, and talk to the service providers themselves about their costs and qualifications. For more information on how Courtesy Plumbing can help with your residential and commercial HVAC needs, contact us today.

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