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With winter waning and baseball season coming soon, it’s time to make sure your plumbing and air conditioning systems are ready for Spring and Summer. Last year’s cold weather may have caused freezing-related breaks and leaks that won’t show up until you turn on the water.

Wait to turn on your outside faucets and lawn sprinklers until after nighttime low temperatures are consistently above freezing (32° F) and once you do, remember to carefully check for leaks inside and outside your home. Or, you can CALL US and we’ll perform a complete Spring Inspection to make sure your home is ready for warm weather.

And be sure to take advantage of our Money Back guarantee on Furnace and A/C repairs (call for details).

Spring Inspection:

–          Faucet leak check

–          Under-sink leak check

–          Toilet leak check

–          Water heater check-out

–          Water Pressure test

–          Main Water Shut-off check

–          Comprehensive leak check


–          $25 Off Plumbing Repair

–          $25 Off Furnace Repair

–          $179 Pre-Season Air Conditioning System Check with Free yearly Furnace System Check

–          Free Plumbing Peace of Mind Check Up with purchase of Furnace Service Check-Up

–          Money Back guarantee on Furnace and A/C Repairs (call for details)

Call today to schedule your Spring System check!