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Preparing your home for the Colorado Winter

With autumn ending fast, the leaves changing and dropping from the trees, we all know that winter is upon us. Most often, we remember to check our furnace or heating system for full functionality (and it’s even easier with our Service Contracts), but there are some other smaller tasks that we are more likely to forget that can turn a cozy winter into a string of home plumbing and heating disasters. Here are a few helpful tips to get your home ready for winter:

  1. Be sure to disconnect all hoses to outdoor faucets and spigots. Residual water in a garden hose can freeze and cause freezing inside the faucet that will present itself as a full-blown leak during the spring thaw.
  2. Turn off and blow out any underground sprinkler systems. The ground in Colorado freezes up to 14” below the surface in open flat areas during the winter.
  3. Test and optimize your furnace before you need it. The worst thing would be to arrive on the first sub-freezing day of the season and find out you don’t have heat.
  4. Change your furnace filters regularly. The air you breathe all winter comes through that filter, and a clean filter vastly increases efficiency, meaning more heat for less money.
  5. Get and test and maintain a carbon monoxide tester. Without the open windows of spring, summer and fall, carbon monoxide can build up.

With these five hints you can get the most out of a Colorado winter, without running into plumbing and heating problems when warm weather returns. Courtesy Plumbing and Heating offers annual furnace service contracts that provide you maintenance and peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your home heating system is up to snuff. The best part: if you’re under contact, we’ll call you to schedule an annual appointment. The contract even provides you with discounts on other furnace services and, if necessary, replacements and repairs. With winter on our heels, now is the best time to prepare. Contact us today at 303-688-0597 to set an appointment and learn more about our service contract program.

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  1. Looked you up in the cistern area. Have a friend who has a cistern to supply her vacation home. It freezes up regularly and Imean solidly. Is tere a submersible heater to keep her water from freezing besides a stock tank heater?

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