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Water-Saving Fixtures Castle Rock, CO

Low-Volume, Water-Saving Fixtures Save You Money!

We’re proud to sell and install Gerber low-volume, water-saving toilets and other fixtures that will save you money while also saving the planet. Gerber’s Avalanche Super Toilet combines innovative design and function to make effective 1.28 gallon per flush toilets that get the job done while using a minimum of water. And, as an EPA WaterSense partner, Gerber contributes to a program that has, since 2006, helped consumers save 46 billion gallons of water and around $350 million in sewer and water bills. Replacing old high-gallon fixtures, or older low-flow toilets that just aren’t doing the job can also qualify you for a rebate with your local water provider. Contact your water company for information on rebates and credits.

Call Courtesy Plumbing and Heating today to set an appointment and make your home more efficient, your water bills lower, and your planet a little greener at (303) 536-3299.

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